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This is the list of essays about ancient ideas. There are some selected discussions too. For comments and discussion use the Yahoo-groups on which these essays are published continuously. There are also news about updates and so on

Essays ancient ideas, Shaman Belt, archaeology and language, Roman imperialism, Swebian League, Tacitus, Jordanes, Widsith, Totemism, Tyr, Odin, Thor

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The list contains occasional essays about ancient ideas. They are usually published together with new and updated files even at

Some sees my research as alternative ideas, others as New Age, but I cannot see that I should repeat the mistakes of the former generations. For me they are pure analysis. What point is in telling what others have told before? Why let the Romans define our culture? … and so on. I am still the boy wondering "Why do people do that?"

Here I list some essays about certain questions

Early times

NEW …Misunderstanding the Actic … the Jesuits in studied the Aborigines everywhere. In Sweden the mostly the 17th century priests made the investigations. They did not know the culture and they did not know the language. The documentation is mostly their private vision about the primitive natives. My prime objections are about shaman and magic drum and the use of words like troll and spirit and seeing the supernatural I can not see as reality but fiction. The academic traditions conserve such rubbish views. The Samic drum mirrors the old Scandinavian World Order and that does not include troll.

Stones also talk in the arctic | Time square, Alta, Finnmark, megalith, manipulated stone, Leirfall, Trondheim, Nämfo rssen, Medelpad, Sommen, Karelen, Horus, Yearman, djed-pillar, doublefalcon, grouse, lying grouse, lying hen, tripod, dolmen, one-legged stone, God's table, Kola Peninsula, pair stones, doomring, Isis Horus child

Harappa script … Reply to: "The Collapse of the Indus-Script Thesis: The Myth of a Literate Harappan Civilization" By Steve Farmer, Richard Sproat, and Michael Witzel

Origin of script and logograms … about cultural icons and abstracted symbols from 20000 BC to 3000 BC and better known history of script.

Ancient celestial World Order … appendix giving a short survey of the astro-symbolism from Indus to Scandinavia

Early Script … letter to the Rock Art Club with examples of early script in Scandinavian rock-carvings and Egyptian sources

Kimberley Girls …virtual visit to Kimberley and Pilbara Australia 17000 years ago

The Indus visit to Idaho |Rock carvings, Snake River, earth oven, Polynesian umu ti, Indus Script, fireplace, Indus culture, Siva, Parvati, season for salmon, Ramadan, Sarasvati, Sindhu, Rigveda, transpacific trade

Theory and attitude

NEW … Archaeological language of figuratives …polemic essay about definitions, words, magic, mystery in archaeology

Archaeology and language … a few lines about language corresponding to ancient reality

Pre-Christian cultural heritage | The time, triskele, swastika, megalith, icon, Elam, Sumer, suite, Animla Round, God's table, follow time, Bride's Suite, Mother Parade, pagan, Abgott, avgud, double axe, time ship, Enuma Elish, Voluspa, wedge tomb, Ramadan, spacetime, Pairhood, wanax

Tyr myth, Dragon Illuyanka, Fenriswolf, Dragon-head, Kurdistan, Hittite culture, AEDICULA, moon priestess, ritual collar, Halstatt, society order, oak coffin, snake, worm, Ugarit, Scorpio, Oxen, Canaan, Astarte, Sun Horse, Sun Stag, golden bract, Heruli, Erils, Pegasus, golden horns

Totemism | Totem, Totemism, heretic, pagan, Jesuit, Indian, Catholic Church, animal worship-theory, transmigration theory, external soul theory, conceptions theory, Guardian Spirit, Great Spirit, Manitou Stones, Dreamtime, Algonquin, rock-carvings, Sheep-eaters, digging stick, non-biased science, sustainable rural cultures

Marija Gimbutas | Gimbutas, Sumerian symbolism, male archetype, Aryan, Kurgan theory, ornum, Indo-European, mission, migration, war-like society, astro-symbolism, World Order, biblical archaeology, Einstein's theory, Inanna, space-time, Renfew, Cavalli-Sforza, Mother Goddess, Midgaard, Thing Order

Pretend and understand | Compare, pretend, relativity, eternal ideas, footsteps of Man, God's footprints, civilisation, civilise, cosmology, Midgard, Inanna myth, ritual calendar

NEW …CRITIC shaman, noide, magic drum … Swedish Church expanded to north in 1641 and soon the priests began to give their version of interpreting drums. That means the former idols were troll and the Sami were magicians so top speak. The state wanted the silver and other good things and it owned the Laps/ Sami as well as every valuable thing. They got it wrong since Sami culture belongs to the main culture

Shaman Belt …academic snobbism makes a Shaman Belt above 50 degrees latitude

Defining terms in rock art … discussion about terms and methods in interpreting

King of Stonehenge … comments

Iron Age - Golden Age

NEW …Immigration Egypt to Gothenburg and the Hand Age. Phoenician colonisation, Rock-carvings, Skepplanda, ritual calendar, Egypt, Crocodile, Canaanite, Carthage, Tyre, Cancer, Horus, Handman, Hippocampus, Entwined Snakes, Tanit, Haugsbyn, hand symbol, Forearm, Pegasus, Balder's myth, mourning mother, Isis, Osiris, Tut's thomb, Herodotos

Withsith with comments … Oldest poem of the Anglo Scandinavian lists around 60 folks and clans. Here with my comments about intelligible ideas of society

Tacitus about Thing Order … Around 100 AD Tacitus describe the Thing Order in Germania. It is not so far from today and the manners in the English Parliament

Tacitus and Jordanes overrated sources What do the ancient writers really tell?

Odin still going strong … comments to Thor Heydahl's theory about Odin and the origin was Taurus, Bull, Oxen as asterism of skring equinox

Thor, Odin, Rigveda in Bronze Age … in four linked essays

Lupus and the Bear … about Roman imperialism and the Swebian League

Goths … about Goths from the Nordic viewpoint