Ideas of ritual stones

Piety and love make this eternal monument still living today

Stones are much more than Carnac and Stone Henge. In this electronic book I analyse all different kinds configurations with stones. In Ritual Age they were maybe made for "Following Her" and deciding the time. During Bronze and Iron Age it seems to be manifestos of their local World Order. In fact we have some folk memory about altar on Dal from about 300 AD indicating that Christianity reached our ancestors at that time.

Signatures\in\signature.htm links to the essentials files about prehistoric times from the double axe of fourth millennium almost to our ceremony masters at solemn occasions


These essays are essential for understanding the ideas of megaliths. There is no magic or mystery in megaliths since they were made as claim for rational use as centre of the site and time ritual. Observe that all rock art sites could also be seen as a claim and ritual for the site. In Scandinavia they often occurs simultaneously.

NEW …Misunderstanding the Actic … the Jesuits in studied the Aborigines everywhere and in Sweden mostly 17th century the priests. They di not know the culture and they did not know the language. The documentation is mostly their private vision about the primitive natives. My prime objections are about shaman and magic drum and the use of words like troll and spirit and seeing the supernatural I can not see as reality but fiction. The academic traditions conserve such rubbish views. The Samic drum mirrors the old Scandinavian World Order and that does not include troll.

Stones also talk in the arctic | Time square, Alta, Finnmark, megalith, manipulated stone, Leirfall, Trondheim, Nämforssen, Medelpad, Sommen, Karelen, Horus, Yearman, djed-pillar, doublefalcon, grouse, lying grouse, lying hen, tripod, dolmen, one-legged stone, God's table, Kola Peninsula, pair stones, doomring, Isis Horus child

West European megalith culture map … shows only the Atlant-European megaliths. The same culture extends at least to Moscow in east, Caucasus in south and Kola Peninsula in north including Russian Carelia. Even in Scandinavia they occurs in many places. But generally we should say they occurs all over the globe in smaller extend than in Europe

Early Script … Script, logogram, Laussel, attribute, rational analysis, Mother Invention, predator, relativity, Lascaux, Celestial Hall, Lorthet, game law, Isturitz, Rahu, icon, ideogram, pictograph, Glozel, Azillian, Otherworld, Lepenski Vir, He-Goat.

The oldest signs of calendars or following the time is at least 20000 years old. The file is about time symbolising and it is good to know the Ritual Age and it's myths since they are manifested in the stony monuments. This file is written as a reminder that we can see signs of abstract thinking and World Order long before the stone monuments.

Celestial World Order … Follow Hor, season boat, Egypt, Indus, Sumer, moon suite, Buderupholm, megalith, moon calendar, Ramadan, naksatras, Inanna, double-axe, Sun suite, Animal Round, Month Wheel, Aubrey holes, Medicine Wheel

It is almost "must" to read this comprehensive file about the celestial World Order that is the real base for the megaliths

First myth | Ubaid, Ereshkigal, Animal Round, zodiac, Sumerian, Akkadian, Ginungagap, Enki, Wainamoinen, Eridu, Oannes, Abzu, World Order, Edda, Kalevala, Enuma Elish, Voluspa, Sin, Enlil, Ninlil, Virgin, Scorpio, Oxen, Leo, Inanna , Dumuzi

Time-law on macehead | Naqada, rock-carvings, Sumerian EKUR, Hegra, steering-oar, paddle, ritual season, palm leaf, renpet, bullhead, Shemesu Her, season boats, Peacemaker, resurrection, Double-Falcon, Bull palette, Flinders Petrie, Tehenu, Scorpio, serekh, mace-head, chairman's gavel, Hor, yearman, Time-Law, World Order, Narmer, Hathor, Two Lands, Osiris, Isis dagger,

NEW … Archaeological language of figuratives …polemic essay about definitions, words, magic, mystery in archaeology | Archaeology, Lussac-les-Chateaux, mergalith, manipulated stone, barbarian, Greek, Allheimr, ancestors' cult, rock-carvings, Scandinavian archaeologist, problemizing, Moon Suite, space-time, Val Camonica, season law, Lerfald, shaman belt, cult,

Archaeology and language … Babel, Sumerian use, Enheduanna, Shulgi, Mursilis II, Duppi-Tessub of Amurru, half-god, hymn Agni, Indo-Iranian, Max Müller, Rigveda, Aryan race, barbarian, Hyperboreans, Herodotus, Aristotle, Virgilius, avgud, abgott, dreamtime, algonquian, Baetylus, baetyl

Pre-Christian cultural heritage | Review over 5000 years | The time, triskele, swastika, megalith, icon, Elam, Sumer, suite, Animla Round, God's table, follow time, Bride's Suite, Mother Parade, pagan, Abgott, avgud, double axe, time ship, Enuma Elish, Voluspa, wedge tomb, Ramadan, spacetime, Pairhood, wanax

Tyr myth, Dragon Illuyanka, Fenriswolf, Dragon-head, Kurdistan, Hittite culture, AEDICULA, moon priestess, ritual collar, Halstatt, society order, oak coffin, snake, worm, Ugarit, Scorpio, Oxen, Canaan, Astarte, Sun Horse, Sun Stag, golden bract, Heruli, Erils, Pegasus, golden horns


Carnac close to the Morbihan bay in Bretagne gave a good fishing season in spring seven thousand years ago and I suppose it is so today too. The Table of Gods was surely overloaded when they kept kermesse every year. The passage grave of Gavrinis is maybe the oldest moon temple from around 4200 BC

Moon temple Gavrinis |megalith, Gavrinis, Canchal Mahoma, Saros cycle, Troy, Carnac, fasces, kermesse, von Däniken, Le Menec, Ker Mario

Stones in circle and row | Standing stone, ritual stone, Ansur, Geb, bautastone, tombstone, Ras, place name, trinity, tri-head, Short stone row, two-stone, sightstone, heelstone, astrolabe, Auriga, fix-star, Follow Maiden, The Bride's Suite, Buck stone, Ekornavallen, three-stone, hov, Adam of Bremen

Ritual circle | Stone circle with stone rows, giant Finn, religion, World Order, Callanish, midsummer sun, equinox,

Danish stone rows | Stone row, marker stone, time cross, Time, trinity, Ritual Age, spacetime, time ritual, Order of Society, feudal order, avenue, thing

Cultural stones | Seit, red-stone, white-stone, small-stone, oath-stone, germ-stone, hov-stone, maiden Stone, obelisk, standing stone or stela, Little Hans, oath, hult, lund, harg, border stone, five-stone, raa and raur, milestone, herm

The Vi | Dolmen, Balder myth, vi, harg, hult, lund, heathen monument, Sparlausa, Oklunda, Malt, vising, Christianity, Sigurd,

4th millennium ideas | Dolmen, long barrow, passage grave, Isis dagger, double axe, resurrection, agriculture, law room, animal round, Eridu, Abzu, Enki, Inanna, god-table, bear hunting, aesir, vanir, New Grange, Gavrinis, Malta, Alvastra, time and calendar, cupmark, crossed circle,

Grooves and cists | Ground grooves, Flyhov, going beneath, otherworld, netherworld, Gotland, Antares in Scorpio, Meton's cycle, Saros cycle, slab cist, amulet, sickle, dagger, rock-carvings, two law-men, green-stone, copper mountain, Caucasus, Nart Epos, Edda, Kalevala, midgaard, outgaard, Heidenstein

Mounds and stoneships | Mound, big mound, Time burial, Silbury Hill, cremation, Sarmatian influence, ringsword, Amazon, Shield Maiden, big stone ship, Askeberga, Blomsholm, Ale's stones, Badelunda, folkland, Kivik grave, small stone ship Lindholm

Doom ring and footstool | Doom ring, hult, lund, rock-carvings, alderman, yearman, ring, pairhood, septemvir, collegium of seven, nemeton, footstool, fodepald, king, oldest rostrum in Europe

Stones in Exodus | Exodus, rock-carvings, Hittitian, wanax, satell, Astarte, asherim, Ashera, Asvins, Moses, masseboth,

Altarstone | Altarstone, rock-carvings, altar, Otherworld, law-room, ancient field, going beneath, handstone, cupmark, May stone, Sumerian season, Enki, Inanna

Thingstone | Thingstone, thing mound, thing circle, Tynwald, allting, Manx cat, platform, terrace, Monks' Altar, fylgia, Gulating, oathring, tingrith, third man, oath-going, oathstone, edstone

Olympos of Nordal |The big mound, two doom-rings, altar-stone, three stony ships, two stony mounds, birke, landowners code

Origin Law | … this article about Ancient law codes, Criminal code, Code of religion, Commerce code, King's code, Community code, Marriage code, Inheritance code, Land code, Wandering minstrels,


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